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The 'sorry I didn't make a easter picture' song :iconpaint-the-red-panda:paint-the-red-panda 1 0 Somthing adorable is coming soon! :iconpaint-the-red-panda:paint-the-red-panda 3 0 We be doin epic poses fanart for LpsTysonDraws :iconpaint-the-red-panda:paint-the-red-panda 1 3 Sun and Moon adventure! :iconpaint-the-red-panda:paint-the-red-panda 1 3 Paint's valentine gift :iconpaint-the-red-panda:paint-the-red-panda 2 0 Paint's reference sheet :iconpaint-the-red-panda:paint-the-red-panda 2 0


The Evolution Of Hektor :iconmoruro:Moruro 25 34 -- Lost -- :iconashleyxbrooke:AshleyxBrooke 122 11 Daily Paint 1576. Tree Tangaroo :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,949 48 Commission: Team Benji :iconky-nim:ky-nim 768 44 hey gues who got a new job :iconabsentmindedjayden:AbsentmindedJayden 58 35 I want to know just why I love her [art trade] :iconaishyu:Aishyu 267 15 Chestnut :iconkaceymeg:KaceyMeg 267 17 Red Panda Prance :iconkaceymeg:KaceyMeg 822 42 Ishkur Caving 3/6 :iconsunkmanituthanka7:SunkmanituThanka7 5 0 Explore 2 :iconsunkmanituthanka7:SunkmanituThanka7 6 0 like wolf children :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 1,522 75 Ref Sheet for Nightfall :iconlpstysondraws:LpsTysonDraws 2 4 W33D the weedle :iconlpstysondraws:LpsTysonDraws 2 2 Pokemon X Team :iconlpstysondraws:LpsTysonDraws 4 4


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The 'sorry I didn't make a easter picture' song
Sooooooooo this is an apology made into a song
I really hope it doesn't go wrong!
I didn't mean to miss this holiday
But I sorta did it anyway...
I was kinda sleepy this whole entire week
But I know that's not the answer you seek.
The reason why I missed this special day 
Was because a hurricane of drama came my way....
*cricket noises*
So this song is coming to an end
I really hope we can still be friends!
Welp anyway before things get starry
I just wanted to say, I'M SO SORRY!

Yeah so that was my apology song for not making an easter picture but y'all forgive me right? of course you guys do! (srsly plz forgive meh qwq) like at first my parents were fighting then there was a fire in mah building and something was blocking the staircase so that and living on the top floor doesn't match up that well owo' but not to worry everyone is safe and the fire was put out! the only thing I was worried about was my cats during that situation but anyway I just wanted to say i'm sorry and those three oc's you see in the picture are gonna be introduced with a lot of other oc's I made a while back so keep a look out! BYE-Q!!! AND HAPPY (late) EASTER!
(my mind is literally beating me with broom cuz im late for easter.....sorry again for making this so long TwT)
Somthing adorable is coming soon!
Soooooooo ever since I started seeing these 'ask this group of characters' on YouTube (and on google images) I have been fascinated with them and I always wanted to make my own very own one day but sadly I could never achieve that goal.....until now!
So ima let y'all try and guess what my 'ask this group of characters' is about! Oh and I probably won't start it until i'm done with my math state tests -w-' but anyway I hope y'all are as excited as I am for this and have a great day/evening/night BYE-Q!!!

*looks from side to side and whispers* Here's a hint fam: it's an app 
 Welp hope this hint helps and sorry for the bad hand writing in the picture, can't really write that good when i'm using the pencil tool in ms paint ouo
We be doin epic poses fanart for LpsTysonDraws
Woo this took forever to draw! But anyway here is a gift for LpsTysonDraws sorry I couldn't shade it cuz I don't know how o3o' but welp hope ya like it BYE-Q!!!
Sun and Moon adventure!
I made this a month ago but I just forgot to upload it here and im not really good at drawing humans so I drew paint instead of me........ima work on drawing them -w-' but anyway let me tell y'all the names and genders of my pokemon sun team!(and I know the title says sun and moon adventure but I typed it cuz it sounded cool):
Smokey (male Litten), Asuna (female Pikipek/Got from trade), Zane (male Rockruff), Pochi (female Pyukumuku), Archibold (male Fomantis), and Vanilla (female Alolan Sandshrew/Got from my brother) welp that's all so BYE-Q!
Paint's valentine gift
Heyyo guys! I made a whole new picture to celebrate Valentines day(the day we sit and eat candy and watch romantic stuff with our loved ones and love them and such I guess owo)! Hope y'all like it and Happy Valentines Day, Bye-Q!!!


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Heyyo peoples call me kiki, karen, or kik mkay! I like animals, food, being lazy(yaaaaass), anything pokemon related, reading fanfiction, watching tv, my internet fam on youtube, my real family, my friends, sleeping, and other things! You can find me on youtube, quotev, animal jam, and now on here. Hope y'all like deviant page and I hope ya like my art too, Bye-Q!!!


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You're welcome I just absolutely love your art! And thanks for welcoming me into your community! ^w^
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Thank you for liking my art and no problem! :D
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Today has been good thanks for asking! And sure i'd love to see your ads owo
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Good luck!
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